11 – Health Improvements

WEEK 11 – Health Improvements

There have been so many changes and improvements to my health, I wanted to make note of them here.  Even just doing 6 days raw and then off for the weekend, I notice a huge difference.

I recently did 6 days raw in a row (about 95% if you’re being technical about it), and the health improvements were really dramatic again.  Here are the benefits I noticed:

Congestion dropped to almost zero.  Asthma symptoms also down to almost nothing.

Arthritis symptoms – gone.  When I went back to cooked food, I felt them immediately again in my back and neck.  An achy all over feeling.

Digestion about 300% improved. No constipation at all.  Gassiness minimizes to almost none – especially if I’m watching food combinations (more on this in the future).

Heartburn – almost zero. 

Teeth – felt cleaner and less sensitive.

Headaches – almost zero – unless I was detoxing a bit.

Nausea almost zero – I have had bouts of nausea since I was little, but when raw, it’s almost gone.  And what little is there is more tolerable.  I can still function.

Way more energy and better moods.  I didn’t feel sluggish and down.

Weight loss and clothes looser – an awesome side effect!

Dry itchy skin – reduced to unnoticeable.

Facial lines smoothed – Takes the years off, and people even commented to how young I looked.

Less body odor – Not that I was ever a really smelly person (as far as I know), but even the breath smells better, and general all over less body odor.  I’ve heard stories of people able to run and not need deoderant when they are all raw.


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