9 – Raw Chips and Christmas Lists

Week 9Raw Chips & Christmas Lists

Click on photo for video

Raw chips come jam-packed with great benefits!  You are doing yourself a favor by munching on these chips!

Start by buying a pack or two of chips to taste what flavors you like best.  You may be able to sample some at a health food store or raw food cafe.

Some flavors I have found & their benefits to these foods (benefits to foods as mentioned in Alissa Cohen’s book – see below):

  • Kale – reduces cataracts, cancer, muscular degeneration.
  • Beets – help eliminate kidney stones, intestinal, liver and gallbladder cleansers.
  • Flaxseeds – supply an essential fatty acid (ALA) which is converted by the body into the type of omega 3 fatty acids found in many fish.  Richest sources of lignins, which provide fiber, flaxseeds prevent constipation.
    • I always feel so good when I’m eating flax seeds, flax chips, etc.!!  I know what good I’m doing to my body.
  • Buckwheat – is in lots of these store-bought chips.  It has a high portion of all eight essential amino acids and lysine.  Additionally, buckwheat contains up to 100 percent more calcium than other grains.  Buckwheat is botanically not a grain but a fruit.  Use only raw buckwheat, not toasted (kasha) or whole buckwheat groats.

Party idea:  buy few different flavors and colors, and mix together for multi-color appeal.

I like eating my beets and kale best in Brad’s raw chips:  Brad’s Raw Chips Link

I have perfected making some versions of raw chips myself, and will show you how to do that in later weeks with a dehydrator.  This will bring the price down for you as well, as some of these chips may seem high priced at first.

NOTE – BE THINKING ABOUT A DEHYDRATOR AND/OR FOOD PROCESSOR FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE.  You will enjoy them incredibly for the upcoming future recipes.  


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