4 – Raw Almond Butter

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WEEK 4 – Raw Almond Butter

Another simple, but excellent raw addition to my life is raw almond butter.

Now there is a store I have found where this is really inexpensive, so I encourage you to shop around.  Some places are really expensive, but one is almost a third of the expensive price.  You can buy it creamy or crunchy.  I love the crunchy one!  My mom loves the creamy one.

  • Buy raw almond butter – crunchy or creamy – this week.
  • Add it to your banana for breakfast or a dessert with the raw honey.

A spoonful of half almond butter (or less) and half honey (or less) on each bite of banana satisfies my sweet tooth.  And I have a very sweet tooth!  (Remember, I grew up eating lots of pastries and donuts.)

Follow Trisha’s (my mom’s) progress and mine in our 52 weeks to improve our health.



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2 responses to “4 – Raw Almond Butter

  1. I have tried commercial almond butters, but not raw almond butter, will have to check it out! Thanks for suggestions.

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