Hormones ~ For Him & Her

We all strive to feel rested, have moisturized skin, and maintain a healthy weight, hair, and bowel functions. There are many reasons that your health may fall below the wellness line. Take action now to support your body systems so you can continue to live your best and healthiest life.

In this class, we dive into supporting your endocrine system aka ALL THINGS HORMONAL! Learn more about supplements that provide support to different organs in your endocrine system and complementary oils.

Click the link below to view the class!  The class has the information for both Guys and Gals!

1 week left to view it!

(Class Content from Groworkspace)


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Living Our Dreams & Passions

Interviewed by the BEST motivator I know of following your dreams & passions!


I was blessed and propelled forward by her online class and mentoring 🎯🎯🎯🚀🚀🚀

The class let’s you move at your own pace and remembers where you left off. SUPER helpful if you’re running your own biz!!! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️

She and this class helped me get to the next level in my dreams and goals.

Link to her Online Class

What Cindy believes about 2018:

A Surprise is Coming Your Way! I believe 2018 is going to be a year of surprises, especially for those who are looking to bring their dreams and passions to life.

YOU can be someone who grows your dreams and brings your passion to life. This course Live Your Dream and Experience Your Passion will guide you through the step-by-step process, so you can live your dream and experience your passion.

It’s a year and season where people want to KNOW what YOU know!

Blessings Abundant!

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Tissue Issues? Allergies?


Upcoming Online Summer Social Event!

Jump on in!!!

Summer Social Recipes Event.png

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Summer Recipe! Mango Curry Lime Noodles! Raw and Vegan YUM!

~ Spiralize zucchini & cucumber
~ Squeeze 1/4 Lime over them

~ 1 package organic mangoes
~ 1/2 package organic peaches
~ 1 tsp curry powder organic
~ 1 Tbsp tahini mixed with a little coconut water to blend well
~ Limes to taste
~ 1/2 cup coconut water

A little Himalayan salt and black pepper to taste and VOILA!!!

Upcoming Online Summer Social Event!

Jump on in!!!

Summer Social Recipes Event.png


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FUN in the SUN!

What’s YOUR favorite way to play in the SUN?

Here’s one of mine!

Pool time


For exercise and PLAY!!!

So how you do I get more chemical FREE for summer and all that fun in the sun?

We have an Online Class this Thursday if you want to DIVE in!  And find out!


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Weight Loss


Adding Ningxia Wolfberry (Goji Berry family) to my mostly Raw Vegan life Lost 14 pounds in 1 year. Have been eating and exercising the same for the last 7-8 years.

Link to see prices and purchase Ningxia or Thyromin at Wholesale or Retail prices: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/sign… To join our AWESOME Oil Adrenaline Team!!! We’d LOVE to have you!

Get 24% off your Young Living Essential Oils, supplements, household cleaners, and MAKEUP! For life! Only purchasing $50 a year in products to stay active!

But Essential Rewards is EVEN BETTER to get more FREE products and points for products abundantly!

More oily education: https://www.facebook.com/Oil-Adrenali…

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Wooly Dryer Balls vs. Seedlings “Dryer Sheets” ~ Chemical FREE Options!

Dryer balls yl

–>    Watch the Comparison Video HERE    <–

I compared two chemical free options for use in the dryer.

  1. Wooly Dryer Balls from Young Living Essential Oils plus Lemongrass Essential Oil – 10 drops on each ball.

  2. Seedlings Baby Wipes (I heard people are using as dryer sheets and wanted to test them out)


Dryer balls made the laundry softer and I love the lemongrass scent.  10 drops per ball on 2 balls was perfect for a medium size load.

Seedlings Baby Wipes have a more floral scent, very strong when first pulling the sheet out.  But the scent is significantly lighter after going through the dryer, and the scent on the clothes or towels is very light.  Not as softening as the dryer balls with lemongrass.


SHORTER DRYING TIME – I’ve heard that using the dryer balls cuts down on the drying time, and if you can time it just right, and not “overdry” you will also cut back on static.

ENERGY BILL – So perhaps this will help the energy bill as well as the environment!

Most excellent!

What have you tried and liked?





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S l e e p… z z z….

In honor of World Sleep Day (didn’t know this existed until today!) I’m running a Mini Class tonight at 8pm about Sleep and the Essential Oil Valerian!

I LOVE learning about these beautiful herbs and the farms that produce them!  I will be sharing about our Bulgaria Farm!

These are pictures of Valerian below.

Valerian pics

People can pop in the class anytime after 8pm tonight, read the posts, comment, etc.

  —> CLASS LINK HERE   <—- 


Enjoy! BLESSINGS abundant on your sleep!


***Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor.  I’m sharing my personal experiences and from classes I’ve taken.

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Let’s Get Savvy About Makeup!

What’s in our makeup?  

All healthy stuff or tons of chemicals?

How many chemicals does the average woman put on before breakfast?

And what are healthy options for us?

I’m hosting a FREE Online Class this Thursday night, 8pm EST

at this LINK


AND… Click to Watch a –> RECAP of our Nails and Nutrition Class

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.58.09 PM

Blessings abundant on your journey to wellness!


Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor.  I’m sharing my personal experiences and from classes I’ve taken.

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Nails! A Window to Your Health?

Nails class photo

Watch the Video Here

I want to have a quick chat about your NAILS!

What can you tell from your nails?

Nails can be a window to your health.

~  Do you have really white nails?

~  Do they have ridges?

~  Do they split and crack at the tips?  or are they brittle?

~  Do they have black bands?

What does all this mean?

We are going to learn about this at our “N Class:  Ningxia, Nutrition, and Nails” Wednesday at 8pm EST from your couch!…  be SURE to click GOING on the link below!

See you then!

Free Class Online Wednesday, March 7, 8pm EST



***Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor. I’m sharing from what I have learned from classes I’ve taken, and my own personal experience.

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