S l e e p… z z z….

In honor of World Sleep Day (didn’t know this existed until today!) I’m running a Mini Class tonight at 8pm about Sleep and the Essential Oil Valerian!

I LOVE learning about these beautiful herbs and the farms that produce them!  I will be sharing about our Bulgaria Farm!

These are pictures of Valerian below.

Valerian pics

People can pop in the class anytime after 8pm tonight, read the posts, comment, etc.

  —> CLASS LINK HERE   <—- 


Enjoy! BLESSINGS abundant on your sleep!


***Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor.  I’m sharing my personal experiences and from classes I’ve taken.


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Let’s Get Savvy About Makeup!

What’s in our makeup?  

All healthy stuff or tons of chemicals?

How many chemicals does the average woman put on before breakfast?

And what are healthy options for us?

I’m hosting a FREE Online Class this Thursday night, 8pm EST

at this LINK


AND… Click to Watch a –> RECAP of our Nails and Nutrition Class

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.58.09 PM

Blessings abundant on your journey to wellness!


Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor.  I’m sharing my personal experiences and from classes I’ve taken.

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Nails! A Window to Your Health?

Nails class photo

Watch the Video Here

I want to have a quick chat about your NAILS!

What can you tell from your nails?

Nails can be a window to your health.

~  Do you have really white nails?

~  Do they have ridges?

~  Do they split and crack at the tips?  or are they brittle?

~  Do they have black bands?

What does all this mean?

We are going to learn about this at our “N Class:  Ningxia, Nutrition, and Nails” Wednesday at 8pm EST from your couch!…  be SURE to click GOING on the link below!

See you then!

Free Class Online Wednesday, March 7, 8pm EST



***Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor. I’m sharing from what I have learned from classes I’ve taken, and my own personal experience.


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Kicking Chemicals to the Curb!

Video Education

Watch my Thieves Cleaner Outside TEST Video!

  • I tried Thieves on my “green” mailbox and got it back to WHITE!
  • Washed my car!
  • Tested Thieves on an outside patio chair!

Thieves Test video cover pic

Spring Time Outdoor Cleaning Tips!

Spring cleaning already happening in Florida!

I’m no longer afraid to open or touch the mailbox 🙂

Mailbox Thieves Cleaner before n after

Link to buy Thieves Cleaning Kit or Thieves Starter Kit

Thieves cleaning kit pic

Thank You Lord for these awesome oils!

YL Book Recommendations



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~ Essential Oils ~ Therapeutic or Floral Water?

YL Seed to Seal

Link to Video Here

If you want to buy “Floral Water” go ahead.  If you’re buying essential oils from a store, this is likely what you are getting.  They are even legally allowed to label it “pure” if it contains 5% floral water.

Check out my video to learn the difference between buying an essential oil that can support your body’s systems, i.e. Therapeutic Grade, vs. store-bought oils that perhaps just smell nice!






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Living My Dream

I’ve been super blessed to assist my Pastor in her Webinar Series, Live Your Dream, Experience Your Passion!

I’ve learned so much from this series, including how to find our “Why,” the reason something is a dream for us.

One of my dreams is to reach Diamond Level in Young Living Essential Oils.

My “Why” is to help people find natural healthy alternatives that help support their physical and emotional systems, without harmful side effects.

As I’m assisting Pastor Cindy with her webinars, I’m processing through important steps in reaching this dream, and how to move forward from where I’ve been stuck.

Another awesome tip from Pastor Cindy is to journal about our dreams.  I’ve decided to spend time outside on the rocking chair dreaming about next steps for my dreams, and adding any new ones that come up.  A dear friend gave me a “Dream Big” journal where I process all these steps as Cindy outlined in her FREE Dream Worksheet, that you can download yourself HERE!

I’m so excited to share about this class series, and I highly recommend it, as it’s helped me get “unstuck” so I can move forward in my own dreams, taking regular steps forward.  Pastor Cindy walks us through step by step in getting our Blueprint for our dreams and how to launch them!  It feels so fulfilling to be taking steps forward in my own dreams!

Some key points I’ve learned about in this Webinar Series:

•     The power of dreaming.
•     How to move your dream into a plan of action.
•     The importance of timing strategies.

She has a FREE Webinar available HERE, and then you can move into the next level class if you desire:

VIP Next Level Mentoring:
Live Your Dream and Experience Your Passion

This VIP series is available until February 22nd, 2018 for a $49 Registration.

・ Learn to Prioritize Your Dreams
・ Learn to write a Blueprint that will keep your life on Track
・ Learn about the Untapped Resources Available to You
・ Learn Preparation Strategies
・ Learn to Recognize Opportunities 

It will be available again in the future, but not at this exclusive price!  So join in while you can!

Pastor Cindy was also on Patricia King LIVE recently, sharing about her series.  Click on the picture or link below to listen!

Blessings abundant and acceleration on your dreams!


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♡ Supernatural Provision & Honey Do Lists ♡

I woke up today to 2 things:

1.  A friend sent me a really good video message that helped me wake up with JOY!

2.  Then some “bad news” or “delay news” that my paycheck would be delayed a couple days.  

I had some plans of course for that paycheck, like tithe/offering, pay bills, take care of licensing requirements that are due, groceries, etc.

I thought it’s kind of ironic that I’m currently reading Patricia King’s book called, “Step into Supernatural Provision.”

Pat King book

I thought, “Well, I guess it’s a good day to keep reading my book!” 

After some encouraging, faith building thoughts from the book, the Lord started reminding me how He really went before me this week to prepare me for this delay.

♡  A friend gave me a pineapple this week!  She knew I was coughing a lot and that it would calm my system down.  (She’s a nutritionist!)

♡  When I went in for my favorite Bio Coffee earlier this week, the cashier threw in 3 extras!  How perfect!

♡  Another friend sent me encouragements to get me through!

♡  My small business had made a few sales this week, and really helped cover this delay!

♡  I also received $50 FREE in groceries this week from my Young Living business from FREE points!  Woohoo!

The Lord also showed me I could cancel a more expensive licensing education class planned for today, and that I could do a much cheaper one this time!  I would not have had the cash for it had I not made the change!  WOW!


♡  Honey Do

The Lord has regularly told me to “put it on the list” anytime there is something I’m needing.  So I started (SEVERAL!) Honey Do Lists.  I have them all over my house now!  All different categories of things I’m trusting HIM to take care of for me.

Then every time one gets answered, I write down how He took care of that need or even want!

It’s been building my faith, and having me more quickly turn to HIM to meet every need!

Let me know if you do the Honey Do lists and some of the awesome provisions you receive!

♡  Also, if you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils for oils or the business side,
you may click   -> HERE <-  or message me for more info!


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Raw Food & Essential Oils

For 2 years now, I have been using Essential Oils on a daily basis.

I joined Young Living Essential Oils, primarily to get my own oils at a discount.

I have had so many blessings from how the oils have supported different issues, that I decided to start sharing about it!

This oil, called Dragon Time is for the ladies!  It supports a lot of what we go through in a month.  Click on the video below for all the ways this oil supports our “Dragon Times” 🙂

Like my Facebook Page here ~ Oil Adrenaline!


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Another thing I’ve learned about in Florida is Wholetones DVD’s, CD’s, book and MP3’s.

They are filled with healing frequencies, light, sound, and color therapy.

I play these in the mornings, or during the day when I’m working on things in the house.  I play them while massaging.  I play them when I’m on a plane.  They are soothing and wonderful!

Florida updates:

After a nice summer visit up north, and working with family and clients up there, I’m back in Florida!

I made it back just in time for Hurricane Hermine to pass alongside of us.  We had some flooding in some areas near us.  Thankfully my direct area was not affected!  Praise God!

I was blessed big time with a new little place, a SUPER LOVING landlord, and some beautiful furniture!

It’s ME time now.  I’m learning how to enjoy ME and my own space.  It’s refreshing, because I have not spent that much time in life focused on loving me.

Sending loving blessings to all!



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Alkaline Water LOVE

I was hearing more and more about alkaline water down here in Florida, so I started to research a bit more.

I started trying some different ones I could buy at Whole Foods and other Natural Foods markets, and found some I really like.

The best to me are the ones with a pH of 9.5 or higher.

This is one I’m enjoying a lot!  It seems to hydrate better, so I need less water.  This seems to balance out the price.


I can’t help but think how God provides for us in this season of so many chemicals and things going into our natural water supplies.  He increases our knowledge to handle the times.



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